Sundays 2:00-3:30pm

Sweat Yoga Studio

Restore the mind and body, decrease the systemic effects of stress, and calm the nervous system through meditation, breathing exercises, and calming postures. We will use props to find full body relaxation, allowing gravity to do its work. This is a fantastic balance for a vigorous practice, and also a great weekly class for anyone who has physical limitations.



Tuesdays 6-7pm

Sweat Yoga Studio

Static focuses on classic postures and correct alignment in the body. In a static class, you will experience a series of postures performed individually with a short pause in between each pose. This class can be a vigorous and well-rounded workout, but is also very appropriate for beginners. It will provide both the new and advanced practitioners with a solid foundation that is useful in other classes offered at SWEAT. Expect a lot of feedback on proper form and alignment.


Prana Vinyasa Flow

Thursdays 5:05-6:00pm and Fridays 12:15-1pm at Sandia (for employees only)

SWEAT Yoga Studio (when subbing - check schedule)

Monthly at NM School of Yoga Wednesdays 5:45-7pm

In a flow class, postures are strung together in a multiple series. As the name suggests, a practitioner can expect to "flow" from one posture to the next in this style of class, synchronizing the breath with the movement. Focus is on alignment, breath, and cultivating a balance of strength and mobility. All levels welcome. Jenny uses her training in Prana Vinyasa Flow and teachings from Shiva Rea in her Vinyasa classes.


Private Sessions

Contact to schedule

SWEAT Yoga Studio and Sandia National Laboratories (for employees only)

Private lessons can offer a multitude of benefits to any practitioner. Often, what may take months in a class setting can be accomplished in a few hours under private instruction. You will achieve heightened alignment and awareness, which can improve all aspects of your yoga practice and fitness. Options for your private session: fitness measurements (body fat, circumferences, weight, blood pressure, etc.), instruction for beginners, taking a stagnant practice to the next level, injury healing and prevention, myofascial release, VO2 assessment, functional movement assessment, enhancement of athletic performance, prenatal/postnatal support, breast cancer treatment support, Ayuryoga/yoga for your dosha, pranayama and/or meditation instruction. The possibilities are endless!